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Customize your field study and capitalize on our experience in your specific area of interest. Let this 2–5-day program of lectures, workshops, visits and networking inspire new solutions for your city.

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There are multiple options if you wish to see what we can deliver. We offer tailor made visiting programs as listed below, but also a database, EnviroSweden, with more than 170 reference objects on display. Welcome to pay us a visit!

EnviroSweden is a portal for partners who share the interest of showing Swedish environmental technology to the world. More than 500 clean tech companies provide the information about their products, experts and reference objects. The database is regulated by ASSET, Association of Swedish Environmental Technology. Tap into the EnviroSweden database here

Sustainability review – move beyond the status quo

How’s your town doing on the sustainability front? What steps are needed to push the envelope? 

A SymbioCity sustainability review helps you to answer these questions. It examines whether environmental issues figure prominently in your city’s plans or programs. It also pinpoints if – and how – environmental expertise is represented at strategic and operational level.

SymbioCity’s sustainability reviews diagnose current conditions, specify key issues and objectives, analyze impacts and recommend selected strategies. They foster open, creative and constructive communication and cooperation between decision-makers, experts and the public via tools including SWOT analysis, structured brainstorming, scenario mapping, backcasting and impact assessments. 

Capacity building programs

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We offer extensive capacity-building programs spanning theory, practice and field studies. The programs mainly target cities in transition and aim to build capacity through collaborative learning processes that foster urban development.

1. International Training Programs

Let’s learn from each other’s experiences. Enabling Local Democracy and Inclusive Urban Planning through the SymbioCity Approach is a training programme that focuses on sustainable urban development and good governance from a local perspective. The training program is based on The SymbioCity Approach as a methodology to develop and strengthen institutional urban governance. The current program is specially designed for urban planning professionals and managers in local or regional authorities in Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Georgia.

The program is organized by the Swedish International Center for Local Democracy (ICLD) in cooperation with SKL International. ICLD covers costs including participation fee, accommodation (board and lodging) and international travel for approved applicants. 

For further information download the ITP brochure or contact SKL International on +46 (8) 452 70 00.

2. E-learning course

Enhance your capacity to build sustainable urban environments. This e-learning course targets medium-sized cities in the Asia-Pacific region including Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Thailand. The objective is to give you as an urban planner or technician the knowledge, tools and methodologies applicable to your urban context.

As a participant you are part of a team working with real cases from your home environment, boosting local ownership and engagement. This program is in partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and charges a registration fee. For further information please contact SKL International or call +46 (8) 452 70 00.

3. Capacity building programs

We design and deliver tailored programs in line with your specific needs and interests. From our holistic and multidisciplinary perspective we aim to unlock knowledge and solutions for your urban environment.

Perhaps you’re interested in a closer look at a specific aspect of sustainable urban development – or to trace the links between urban systems. Or you may be looking for a new perspective on your local challenge. Whatever your needs, our extensive network of expertise is at your service.

SKL International has packaged themes from which we can taylor your perfect program through building blocks of site visits, process modules, sector modules and thematic modules. For further information find the Building Blocks in downloads.

These capacity-building programs are offered against external financing. Cost depends on the scope of the individual program. For further information, please contact SKL International or call +46 (8) 452 70 00.


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