Harnessing the potential of urban areas for better quality of life

Kenya SymbioCity

Sustainable Urban Development in Kenya

The Council of Governors and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions(SALAR) have started a programme on sustainable urban development in Kenya.The programme is mainly funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Kenya, which is responsible for Swedish development cooperation in Kenya.

The Kenya SymbioCity programme is implemented by a dedicated team at the Urban Development Secretariat of the Council of Governors. It is composed of staff from CoG as well as technical assistance staff provided by SKL International.

The main cooperation areas within the programme are:

  • Institutional development of Council of Governors
  • Application of the SymbioCity Approach in seven pilot counties
  • Intergovernmental cooperation on urban development
  • Sharing of experiences and networking

Three inspiring days of sharing, exploring and boosting!

On March 22-24, all the seven SymbioCity pilot counties met in Diani – for three days of:

  • Inspiration and exposure to innovative ideas
  • Sharing of experiences between the pilot projects,
  • Preparing for the next phase of developing urban solutions
  • Coming together as a team

Jefferson Musyoki- PC for Meru County Sharing a point

Invited were five working group members from each of the seven pilot counties, together with the technical ream from Council of Governors and SKL International.

During the three days, the participants were offered a program to discuss and absorb:

 Urban Sustainability Review; experiences, remaining steps

  • Recap on SCA process, where we are now in the pilots, what remains
  • County presentations: The pilot location, challenges and opportunities
  • Something we did during the process so far that we are proud of
  • Networking: jointly identify topics that counties feel are important to talk about, e.g. ‘What’s keeping my town from developing in a sustainable way?’ sharing experiences and recommendations

Developing integrated urban solutions

  • From vision to action: How to transform visions/goals/objectives into integrated and inclusive solutions, using SCA methodology
  • Examples of integrated solutions (2-3 examples from different contexts)
  • How proposals are developed, specifically in a way that promotes synergies, integration and sustainability.

Symbiocity Facilitator-Ian Munt

Upcoming capacity development, quick wins and change project

During the three days, interviews were made with the individual Pilot Coordinators and brief stories put together on the findings so far. This and more will be published here once compiled.

Group work session




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