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SymbioCity is there for you!

SymbioCity is a platform for Swedish know-how in sustainable urban development. We are there to help any company, organization or agency that wants to promote sustainability through knowledge transfer, advisory services, technology, products and systems. Want to get involved? Please contact Business Sweden or SKL International.

We also invite feedback on how we can improve SymbioCity, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. SymbioCity is there for you!

For Swedish export companies

SymbioCity supports Swedish companies in their international marketing and operates under the Business Sweden. Any Swedish company in the sustainable urban development and green technology sector is free to use us as a reference.

Håkan Dahlfors, Business Area Manager Energy and Environmental Technology Business Sweden, hakan.dahlfors@business-sweden.se, +46 8 58866234. 

For local councils and consultants who want to contribute knowledge

SKL International hosts the SymbioCity Approach Secretariat where the know-how, knowledge and practical experience of the SymbioCity methodology is gathered. The Secretariat uses theSymbioCity Approach as a tool for analysis, planning and implementation, with particular emphasis on low- and middle-income countries, through projects, capacity building and events.

We use experts from SALAR, Swedish municipal and county councils, international consultants and local experts most of whom are available through the SymbioCity Expert pool. Our SymbioCity interventions are usually funded through Swedish and international development agencies.

Lena Falcón, Project Manager at SKL International, lena.falcon@skl.se , +46 8 4527533.